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Gapless audio

Gapless audio playing is needed for people who listen to music which spans across more than one file without silence in between (classical music, DJ sets, live recordings et al.).

Till now the phonon-backend-xine and amaroK dealt quite well with that demand (though there were bugs regarding FLAC). The xine backend is depriciated in KDE now, the two alternatives (phonon-backend-gstreamer and phonon-backend-vlc) cannot play gaplessly per default, and most of the common known players cannot deal with that demand either.

Question is: are there any free players for Linux which can deal with gapless playing like foobar2000 does for Windows installations? The answer is: yes.

1. Aqualung

Aqualung is an audio player with the main "feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks". And it does it brilliantly! There is no need for any crossfading workaround. Aqualung may not be a beauty but it's engine is perfect.
apt-get install aqualung

The Aqualung Home Page