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Input method for various languages (m17n)

You can install a package ibus-m17n to enable to input various languages on X windows.
(m17n stands for "multilingualization")

apt-get install ibus-m17n im-switch bus-qt4 ibus-gtk
im-switch -s ibus

as user, in console on X windows:

in "Input method" tab, chose the input method you want to use, and press "+Add" button.

In the section of "Other", latn-post is usefull for imputting many Western European languages.
(for writing characters like: áàãâäāªéèěëíìïöóòōüúñçćčšśźž)

See this page to check if your language is supported.
list of language specific input methods
list of languages supported without specific input method

m17n home page

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