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Categorization system

This wiki is using a very flexible but simple categorizing system to keep everything properly organized

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CategoryWiki WikiCategory WikiHowToNewArticle

Here's how it works:
  • The master list of the categories is CategoryCategory which will automatically list all known main categories, and should never be edited. This list is easily accessed from the Wiki's top navigation bar. (Categories).
  • Pages can belong to zero or more categories. Including a page in a category is done by simply linking to the CategoryName on the page (by convention at the very end of the page). To mention a category on a page when the page does not belong to it, write its name in double double quote in order to unwikify it. To link to a category on a page when the page does not belong to it, link it using full URL like [[ CategoryXy]].
  • The system allows to build hierarchies of categories by referring to the parent category in the subcategory page. The parent category page will then automatically include the subcategory page in its list.
  • A special kind of category is CategoryUsers to group the userpages, so your Wiki homepage should include it at the end to be included in the category-driven userlist.
  • New categories can be created (think very hard before doing this though, you don't need too much of them) by creating a CategoryName page, including {{Category}} in it and placing it in the CategoryCategory category (for a main category or another parent category in case you want to create a subcategory).

help to keep this place organized by including the relevant categories in new and existing pages!

  • The above bold items were coded using double doublequote in order to unwikify them to prevent this page from showing up in the mentioned categories. This page only belongs in CategoryWiki (which can be safely mentioned) after all !
  • In order to avoid accidental miscategorization you should unwikify all camelcased non-related CategoryName on a page. This is a side-effect of how the categorizing system works: it's based on a backlinking and is not restricted to the footer convention.
  • Don't be put of by the name of this page (WikiCategory) which is a logical name (it's about the Wiki and explains Category) but doesn't have any special role in the Categorizing system.
  • To end with this is the standard convention to include the categories (both the wiki code and the result):

[[CategoryWiki Wiki category]]

Wiki category