Bug Reports 2011-03 - [FIXED] installer doesn't find any partitions on scsi raid

Andreas1 - 21.02.2012, 16:24
Post subject: [FIXED] installer doesn't find any partitions on scsi raid

would like to a fresh installation aptosid amd64 on HP Smart Array SCSI Raid (cciss driver).
I can boot aptosid from CD and start the aptosid-installer, can do partitioning with xparted, cfdisk or fdisk. Until this point all works fine. I can mount the partitions /dev/cciss/c0d*p* manually.

The problem is, the drop-down menue Root-Partition is empty, it's grey, that means deactivated.
Is this a known problem ?

Tried to install Debian stable. No problem, installation works without any error or warning.

Any ideas ?

slh - 21.02.2012, 21:49
Post subject: RE: aptosid installer doesn
My last tests with SCSI (Adaptec AHA-2940U) date back more than 4-5 years, which were successful but aren't actually representative for SCSI functionality, or cciss in particular, of the current releases anymore… Given that I no longer have functional SCSI Harddisks, nor access to contemporary controllers, I fear this won't be fixed anytime soon, but patches would certainly be appreciated. While I don't notice any revealing parsing issues or obvious omissions in our installer, the actual fix is probably not that large or difficult (likely related to the 'uncommon' device nodes employed by cciss), but needs thourough hands-on debugging.
Andreas1 - 21.02.2012, 22:40
Post subject: RE: aptosid installer doesn
Is there a possibility to give the installer parameters or a config file, which I could edit ?
bfree - 21.02.2012, 23:11
Post subject: RE: aptosid installer doesn
Can you try again, but this time install the latest fll-installer-common package (version 0.13.1) on the live system before you start the installer.

... or a newer version if one appears and likewise install-gui also possibly if you are reading this from some time in the future trying to solve a different problem.

Not sure this will have solved your problems Andreas1, but we found something we think will at least help you get further
Andreas1 - 22.02.2012, 01:30
Post subject: RE: aptosid installer doesn
Great, it works, I like open source Smile
WillamK - 23.02.2012, 06:15
Post subject: RE: aptosid installer doesn
Now, aptosid distribution idesktop-oriented operating system. Operating system based on the unstable branch of Debian GNU/Linux.
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