Bug Reports 2011-03 - XFCE4 Mouse Setting Issues

eris0xff - 24.02.2012, 18:39
Post subject: XFCE4 Mouse Setting Issues
I've found a bug in the xfce4-mouse-settings executable. When you are running the "settings" application and click on "Mouse", you get a new screen but nothing happens.

I ran the individual mouse setting executable to find the problem and this is the output:

@draco> xfce4-mouse-settings ~

(xfce4-mouse-settings:32219): xfce4-mouse-settings-CRITICAL **: Your XI is too old (1.3) version 1.4 is required.

I've research the problem a little and it appears to be one of a couple different issues:

1) Fragile version detection code in xfce4-mouse-settings
2) Incorrect version reported by XGetExtensionVersion by xorg code
3) Variation on (1), the version detection code doesn't work with libXI version 2. It's actually reading the minor version, but not checking major major release number (or something like that). The include file for /usr/include/X11/XI.h has the old version numbers for V1 of libXI, but says not to modify them for V2 releases (implying this is a V2 version?)
4) libXI really needs to be upgraded, but that seems unlikely since I'm way out on the bleeding edge on most software versions.

If I were more of an expert on X and it's subsystems I could probably suggest a course of action.

Here's the link to the most relevant discussion I could find:

http://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-de ... 26998.html

Here's a link to the xfce4-mouse-settings main.c code that I believe is in the latest aptosid:

http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings ... ings-4.8.3

(search for XGetExtensionVersion)

Good luck. I'm a new user of aptosid and am very impressed with your effort here. Keep up the good work. I think I might make a donation to keep this rolling. (I arrived here after bouncing from older Debian releases years ago, to Ubuntu craziness, to Arch and their somewhat bizaree install games then back to Debian and rolled up to aptosid.)
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