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finotti - 21.02.2017, 21:55
Post subject: KXStudio
Since I've been playing a lot with audio, I've been pondering using KXStudio's repositories: http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Repositories

My main problems with "pure" debian/aptosid have been with ardour not being able to load calf plugins (LV2 -- LADSPA works, but has limited controls) and Muse crashing on start. KXStudio being for audio production, I would assume that their versions are better tested. (But who knows...)

I've been reluctant in doing this, as it seems to be a huge risk. But, if at all possible, I'd rather not have to dual boot for audio and was wondering if there is a safe way back, if I am careful enough. As aptosid has no viable install media at this point, it makes it an even greater risk.

On the other hand, I assume most of the packages that would come from KXStudio would be audio ones, and therefore (hopefully) it would not affect the core system.

But, if I try it, is there a way to track what packages are installed from those repositories? If something goes wrong, is it possible to uninstall all packages that came from it and, if necessary, replace them with the pure debian version?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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