Bug Reports 2010-03 - Dolphin: "home" place links to non-existent /home/

nh2 - 04.02.2011, 09:32
Post subject: Dolphin: "home" place links to non-existent /home/
After installing aptosid on the HDD and login in as "nh2", I opened Dolphin.
The folder it opens by default is /home/nh2 but I noticed that the selected item in the "Places" panel on the left wasn't "Home" but "Root".
When I click on the "Home" item it tries to open the /home/aptosid folder, which doesn't exist, rather than my personal folder.

It's easy to fix: right-click on the Home item > Edit Entry 'Home'... but I'm reporting the bug for further releases.
piper - 04.02.2011, 22:10
Post subject: RE: Dolphin: "home" place links to non-existent /h
I don't see this, my home is home ("places")
root is root ("places")

Did this work correctly during the live session, before install ?
Did you make any changes to dolphin prior to install ?
Are you using a seperate home folder ?
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